Tricycle Print


16 X 21 inches

Archival Ink on Archival Paper

Ships rolled in shipping tube



Bicycle and tricycle play time is important for all children. Starting early, having a tricycle gives a child a way to experiment with moving and once they have mastered it they can start to use their imagination. On their tricycle they can explore new worlds, become a train engine, speed after the bad guys or anything else they can create in their head. Tricycles become bicycles and the magic of wheels and speed can be shared. Watch out when those tricycles start zooming around the patio!

Tricycles come in tiny, roadster or convertible. You can get pink tricycles, Harley Davidson tricycles, plastic, metal, or wood. Once you graduate to a higher bike, you can get a walking bike, training wheels, or a training handle. Eventually, you become free to speed away on two wheels and it opens the world. Don’t forget the helmet.