Tortoise Print


16 x 16 inches

Archival Ink on Archival Paper

Ships rolled in shipping tube

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This tortoise reminds me of my grandfather’s pet tortoise “Beauregarde”. He lived in their backyard during warm weather and hibernated in a box in the garage during the winter. This fellow in my artwork is in his natural environment in the desert sand. When I painted this piece I was working to create a an representation for each of the biomes in the world and he is a good example of an animal living in a desert biome. I chose this image because of the shadow and light and the opportunity to explore the warm colors and geometric shapes on his shell. I started with neutral oranges and added reds and pinks to give him form. This was my second time using a sponge to create the native grasses. The color palette and grounded tortoise image give me a feeling of calm and peace. —Donald Ryker