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Sunset at the 18th Hole at Pebble Beach

30x30x2 inch

Original Acrylic on Canvas

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Golf courses are blend of nature, outdoors, and bright colors, with structure, architecture, and planning. They are a combination of the natural and the designed. I find golf course images restful. I think people must feel relaxed in this setting. That has to be part of the attraction for golfers.

Pebble Beach is a well known California location. This artwork is a reminder of good times there.

I have used my impasto glaze technique here for every feature. Notice the purple and yellow glaze on green for the fairway and green; the orange, yellow and purple on the brown mountains; the rosy white glaze and blue highlights on the blue ocean, and the red, blue, and white glaze on the blue sky. Do you see black in this painting? Hint: there is none. The silhouette of the tree and flag pole are dark purple. This artwork is an example of light impasto glaze. There are multiple layers of glaze, but the base color is still prominent and the texture is minimal.