Original Acrylic on Canvas

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This fellow is half hidden in shadow. It was really fun to create the diagonal variation between shadow and light. He is the first owl that I painted and I like the texture and color that give the viewer a feeling of feathers. Owls always look quite serious, and also like they deserve respect with that sharp pointed beak. This artwork comes framed in a redwood shadow box painted black.



Donald Ryker has been painting with his head since he was 16 years old. He has Cerebral Palsy and this is the best way for him to be able to  control his brush. As with other creative artists, being unique has led Ryker to develop his own style. He paints luminous vibrant artwork by using bold clear colors, underpainting to bring out the values, and layering glaze in his unique technique that he calls Impasto Glaze. The end result reflects light beautifully and has the quality of stained glass. The viewer will continually find new details to enjoy.

All Acrylic on Canvas Artwork ships in professional artist packaging, protected by 3 layers of foam, and lined with ABS plastic to ensure that the artwork arrives undamaged. Items will be shipped 7-10 days after order is received using FedEx Ground. Receipt in undamaged condition is guaranteed.