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Mountain Bobcat Print


16 x 16 inches

Archival ink on Archival Paper

Ships rolled in shipping tube

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I had a cat and she climbed effortlessly. I like watching her flexibility and strength. This image shows the long curvy spine and relaxed easy sitting all cats have.

This bobcat is looking out over the valley. The challenge was to show him clearly in the foreground and to paint the granite cliffs in the distance.

I chose tints of saturated blue to reflect how peacefully he is resting. Purple and blue glaze enhanced shadows, and a very pale blue tint shows the highlight where the sun is landing on him. The granite rocks near the bobcat were done in purples and blues with orange and red sponging, and purple and blue glaze for texture, shadow and highlight. I neutralized the distant canyon wall by adding some yellow and green then brushing and sponging many layers of glaze. —Donald Ryker