Lioness Pride



Originals Acrylic on Canvas

72 x 48 x 1.75″

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It was autumn, with leaves on the wet pavement creating a mosaic of color against black, and I wanted to create something to express the season. I found this image of two lioness’ escorting their cubs down a pathway dividing the fallen leaves. Isn’t it amazing how they work together to raise their families? There are seven cubs here and no way to know which belong to each mother. It’s a true extended family.

I wanted this piece to feel expansive, showing the relationships and the space the lions live in so I chose to paint on six canvases. I painted the lions with fewer details because the leaves star as much in this image as the lions do. The lions are done in tones of light brown to cream with purple glaze to bring out features and shadows. Then I spent hours and hours on the leaves, dabbing my brush over and over in many colors and layers.

I imagine the cubs have been out learning and playing and the lioness’ are taking the youngsters back to a warm place to spend the night.

Donald Ryker has been painting since his teens. He was inspired to begin painting when he discovered he could use a hard hat on his head to direct his brush. He has lived his life with cerebral palsy and was thrilled to find an outlet for his creativity and a way to communicate his love of life, and his message to people that anyone can accomplish things in life if they are creative and persistent; there is always a way to find the positive in life. Ryker's paintings reflect his joy in life, and his desire to connect. His artwork inspires others with his choice of color and ability to draw in his viewer.

As with other creative artists, being unique has led Ryker to develop his own style. He paints luminous vibrant artwork by using bold clear colors, underpainting to bring out the values, and layering glaze in his unique technique that he calls Impasto Glaze. The end result reflects light beautifully and has the quality of stained glass. The viewer will continually find new details to enjoy.

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