I began to focus on painting wild animals after taking an environmental studies course that focused on biomes and the extinction of species around the world. My first 9 paintings featured many of those biomes and the high level predators who were endangered. I have since enjoyed painting many different wild animals.

I look for images that express movement and connection. The turning of a head, or an interesting angle can catch my attention. Often the animal engages with the viewer with their eyes. I like to crop the image to focus on that turning and the eyes. There is a hint of the biome or environment in the background.

More recently I have continued to paint individual animals but I have also painted large multiple panel pieces that give me the space to include a family or more than one animal with a relationship to each other.

I do not limit myself to real life colors. I get my inspiration from the feelings I have in the moment and use an array of tints or shades of my color choice to create the shadows and dimentionality of the subject. I layer with translucent glazes in a stained glass technique to add to the shadows and create depth. A painting is complete when I feel like each area of the canvas speaks to me.