Decorating your space – How Do you Begin?

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When you design your room around artwork on the wall you create a space that is fully greeting the person entering the room because the eye is lifted up and called to look across space to the focal point. You have enjoyed this experience many times but might not have known why you like the room so much. It is designed so your eye encompasses the entire space.… Read More

Art Makes Better Doctors

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Here is a great article about the benefits when doctors study art. Caption: Herbert Ploberger Self-Portrait with Opthalmological Models (Selbstbildnis mit Opthamologischen Lehrmodellen), 1928-1930 “New Objectivity: Modern German Art in the Weimar Republic, 1919–1933” at LACMA, Los Angeles Looking at Art Could Help Med Students Become Better Doctors From Casey Lesser … Read More

Don’t miss the Artist’s Reception and Charity Raffle on December 7th!

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Make sure you stop by the Artist’s Reception and Charity Raffle on December 7th. It is from 4 to 8pm. Donald has donated an original painting worth over $4,000 for Charity sale and auction. Preview it here: BEACH . There will be the Auction, Raffle prizes, Refreshments, Music, and ART – … Read More

Triton Museum of Fine Art ArtsAbled Exhibition

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Curator, Preston Metcalf, visits my studio My artwork was on display at the Triton Museum of Fine Art in 2017. I was featured with other disabled artists for the Triton Museum of Fine Art ArtsAbled Exhibition. Preston Metcalf, the Curator for Trition Museumm of Fine Art, came to my studio … Read More

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