Have you heard of IMPASTO GLAZE? This is the new art style that has been developed by expressionist artist Donald Ryker. Think stained glass with texture!

As an uninspired teenager Ryker first fell in love with painting when he had the chance to take an art class. After figuring out he needed to do the painting with his head not his hands, One class became two, then three, then his passion for a full art career. 

If you are in downtown San Jose, CA you might get the chance to say “Hello” to Donald Ryker buying a coffee or rolling down the sidewalk in his wheelchair as he walks his service dog. He is a local artist who has shown in galleries and museums around the San Francisco Bay Area, and shipped his artwork in the United States. Anywhere he goes - someone recognizes him and says hi. It’s hard to miss the handsome dude in the power wheelchair.

When he returns to his downtown hi-rise condo he gets to work. Most days he is working on up to five new pieces of art. Each piece can take from 10 to 40 or more hours. How do you squeeze an art studio into a tiny 6th floor hi-rise San Jose condo? Ryker has had to become creative. His dining table converts to his easel. Behind his couch a tool chest houses his art supplies. Natural light beams in through floor to ceiling glass windows. Good thing he lives where there are many sunny days. More time to paint!

Donald Ryker’s art is unique because he created the new style Impasto Glazing. He uses layers of thick transparent glaze over monochrome or full color underpainting to create the textured glowing depths and vibrant colors that he is known for. Ryker developed this new style out of necessity. In his wheelchair, he uses his head to paint with a brush attached to a hardhat. With fewer choices than most artists he has mastered this style to be able to bring to life his vision of the world around him.

Each of Ryker’s subjects is selected because they call to him. It could be the look over a shoulder, the twisting body in motion, or the scenic view that reminds him of times with his family and friends. They have to have that magnetism for Ryker to want to spend the hours creating his own version in his unique style. 

His artwork pulls the viewer in with that same connection. A zoologist once said “he knows exactly how to capture the eyes of the animals he paints”. A museum curator said “he is painting joy”. Do you want to have that kind of joyful inspiration in your life? One owner stated “I get up in the morning, see Ryker’s artwork on my wall, and I am inspired for the day”. Ryker’s goal is to continue to create and share his artwork in order to inspire and bring positivity and joy to others.

Art can be the focal point in your room and the thing that brings your space color and vibrancy. It sets the mood and influences how you feel every day. So, it is important that the art in your space reflect what you like and what you are attracted to. Do you want something colorful? something rare? something that inspires creativity? Don Ryker’s art may be perfect for you.

What does it mean to own a piece of Donald Ryker’s artwork? You have a rare and valuable painting that you will never get tired of viewing. As a feature piece visitors will be curious about your unique artwork. As a conversation piece and focal point it enables you to simplify your decor creating a feeling of spaciousness without becoming bland. This is the new design style for 2019. Feature an amazing piece of artwork and design around it. 

Ryker’s original artwork ranges from 24x24 up to multi panel pieces that are 48x72 or larger. What size and subject would be best for your space? Would you like to commission a piece? Maybe it is time to consider joining the fans and collectors of Donald Ryker’s artwork. You can purchase on his site here and become the owner of a piece of artwork in the new Impasto Glaze style.

A Glimpse into Donald Ryker’s World – Impasto Glaze – 1 min (Enjoy with Sound)