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Donald Ryker’s Expressionist ART is one of a kind. He has a unique style developed so that HE could paint his vision of the world. Ryker paints on large museum quality canvases to create artwork that will become the focal point in your room. Be inspired daily, with vivid boldly colored images of nature with a depth and detail you will not tire of seeing. Ryker paints with his head, with a brush attached to his hardhat. His unique style using IMPASTO GLAZE to layer thick colors of glaze creates a stained glass glow.

When looking at Expressionist ART your eye sees color and form, free flowing brush stroke, and in Ryker’s art – texture. The creative part of your brain is challenged to interpret. The bold color influences mood, and inspires feelings. It is very possible that looking at Expressionist ART stimulates both sides of your brain. What a great way to shape your world.

Donald Ryker’s art will bring joy, give you a unique setting in your home or office, and inspire you daily. Take advantage of the 50% off sale. This might not happen again. NO tax or shipping. Just the cost you see listed. All artwork purchased by Dec 1, 2019 will be guaranteed to arrive by Christmas. Give the gift that makes someone you love happy all year long. Click the image you choose below to take you to the order page. Use the coupon code when checking out for the 50% discount. Please let me know if you have an difficulties.

Every original painting is shipped in a professional art shipping box. Prints are archival ink on archival paper, handled with gloves, and shipped unframed in archival tissue paper in a sturdy shipping tube.

Happy Holidays!!


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