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My trip to Xanadu Gallery Pinetop AZ

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Hello Everyone!

I am just back from a road trip to Arizona. I was able to meet gallery owner Jason Horejs and his family. They are extremely nice people! Four pieces of my artwork are now available in their Xanadu Gallery in Pinetop-Lakeside AZ. If you were interested in purchasing King of Hearts, Lady, Growing Puppy, and Dusk Lakeside, Pinetop AZ, you should contact them right away before they are sold!

I highly encourage anyone interested in a trip to the White Mountains of AZ to stop by the Xanadu Gallery Pinetop and see the excellent artwork on display. They will make you feel very welcome.  I couldn’t resist and I purchased this Wall Climber artwork to commemorate my trip. You can see a preview of future paintings in this photo as well.

Blue Climber in my studio

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