Decorating your space – How Do you Begin?

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Art is the jewelry that finishes your style BUT…

It’s also the thought that can be at the foundation of your design. 

Many people decorate the other way – they choose furniture, wall color, rugs, then finally artwork. The default by that time in the design almost has to be the collage of similarly framed small pieces, or something that blends with al the neutral tones in your space. 

What is the alternative?

Know what kind of artwork brings you joy and inspiration, brings you peace and harmony, or makes you think. What is the feeling you are evoking for yourself in your space? Tranquility, inspiration, reminders of vibrant life, creativity…

Now consider, are you someone with a small gold chain, or a piece of jewelry with color and style? Are you attracted to color in your clothing? Are you someone who just can’t wait to get to the “pop of color” part of style? A small gold chain preference might mean a palette of tone on tone colors in art. It might mean smaller pieces with frames.

Do you like ultra modern and airy styles? zen and sleek? grounded and rustic? solid and textured? All of these preferences will also influence the kind of art that you are drawn to and that will set the style for the look you will love to be around. You don’t have to have the artwork chosen before you begin if you know your preference. You can begin with the knowledge that art on that wall will be your visual focal point and the selection of wall color, furnishings, lighting, and arrangement will be influenced by that. Identifying your style makes is the first step. Selecting the art can be very fun. You can go to galleries, art fairs, and consult with designers and decorators but you will see the most variety online.

Maybe you already have a favorite piece of artwork? It is very likely that color choices for this room were influence by the beautiful artwork on the wall. Notice the stone, the accent table, and the furniture all reflect the tone on tone in the painting.

Do you prefer color?

People who like impressionist or expressionist artwork get pleasure from looking at color. Their mind likes the creative process of turning dabs of paint into a story in their mind. It is both stimulating and relaxing. Creative and restful.

Donald Ryker’s art is a good example. He has been described as expressionist and impressionist in style. His work is a statement of positive feeling. many people even say Joyful. His free flowing textured brush strokes cause your eye to discover new detail each time you look into the layered depths.

Create for the entire space – not just what sits on the floor

If you know you are going to use Don Ryker’s artwork, you know that there will be a true focal point in your room to draw the eye. His artwork directs the eye as soon as you enter a space. It sets the mood and looks beautiful with the tone on tone backdrops used in todays design or balances the deep colors that are becoming popular in todays furnishings. Keep this in mind from the beginning of your plan. Notice how much that changes the way you make choices for the room. Suddenly, you are making choices to balance the space in the room, not just what rests on the floor.

In art terms this is called negative space – not because it is bad, but because it is the space unfilled by what the artist puts into the work. Artists are taught to pay just as much attention to that space as to the part they contribute. Here is an example of balancing positive and negative space. Your eye can look at the white or it can look at the black. One of the tricks to creating harmony for the eye is to balance negative and positive space. Here is a light and dark example of that:

Can you choose to look at the dark then choose to look at the light?

When you design your room around artwork on the wall you create a space that is fully greeting the person entering the room because the eye is lifted up and called to look across space to the focal point. You have enjoyed this experience many times but might not have known why you like the room so much. It is designed so your eye encompasses the entire space.

Here are some before and after examples of creating that focal point in a rom with neutral tones and with vibrant color. There isn’t a right style to choose. Some people will like no artwork, some will like vibrant, some will like muted. It’s your space. Your feeling is the most important.

Do you like the new trend for deep color in furnishings? Artwork goes wonderfully with these:

So when it is time to create the space you will be spending time in, think first about your style and about designing around a special piece of art on the wall you own now or will soon. Make all the choices that will bring balance with that piece and have the pleasure of choosing which piece of artwork is going to inspire you every day. 

To view the Donald Ryker Artwork in this post or see Ryker’s full gallery go to www.BelieveandCreateArt.com

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