Children Paint with HardHats at Donald Ryker’s artist workshop

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One of my purposes in creating art and being an artist is to let people know what a man in a wheelchair can do. Children are so open to new ideas and can learn very early to accept differences. I had so much fun showing these kids how I paint and watching them all have fun trying the same thing. There were tiny sized hardhats with paintbrushes attached for them all to try painting with their heads. They were so enthusiastic. I loved when they came over to show me their artwork. I have many photos from the event and will post a video soon. For now you can enjoy this San Jose Mercury News article which includes photos and video.

Thanks to everyone who made this possible, including Children’s Discovery Museum, Melissa, Heidi, Andrea, Lisa, and Jim. –Don Ryker

Painting with his head, San Jose artist creates a career and inspiration


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