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Have you thought about getting a painting done of your pet? What is the difference between having a photo memory and commissioning a painting?

While a photo reinforces your memories of your times with your pet, a painting is  about not only your pet but the feeling of connection and vitality that you loved about them. When you see a painting of your pet, your eye enjoys the color and suggestion of shape and texture. Your mind fills in the feelings. This is one of the reasons I use color when painting animals. Color suggests so many different feelings all on its own, but when you combine it with that turn of head, or the look of curiosity in your pet’s

Blue Weimaranar – SOLD – Prints Available

eyes it becomes something with more vitality than image from your memory. It is a memory, a feeling, a connection all in one.

When you request a commission with me I will ask for one or more photos of your pet in profile, or with a unique turn to their head. It should be an image that brings you memories. I prefer to work with a photo with contrast in lighting, ie. some shadow and some lit areas. I can also

add that by adding an imaginary light source beyond the painting and creating highlights and lowlights in the artwork.

Bulldog Puppy – SOLD – Prints Available





If you prefer a certain color palette, I can do that. I usually need you to specify 2 or 3 colors and I can then do different tints and shades around those colors. Most commissions are 24 inch by 24 inch on 1.5 width museum wrap canvas.

Black Lab – SOLD – Prints Available






Here is a commission I recently completed. The owners supplied the photo. There were no color requests so I chose to use a range of greens and blues to create the shape and value for this black lab and used a dark blue glaze to give the completed illusion of a black dog.

If you would like to request a commission please contact me through my email donaldryker@gmail.com and we can discuss details. The current price for a 24x24x1.5 inch commission in my expressionist style is $2000. I will pay tax and shipping.


I can do any kind of pet. I guarantee your satisfaction with the final artwork.

To see more of my pet profiles go to www.donaldryker.com/dog-gallery/.

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