Why to Choose ORIGINAL ART for your Home

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By Donald Ryker

I recently heard that things you place in your home “disappear” to your eye within 21 days. You place that decoration, or even stack of mail etc on the counter and as time goes by you stop registering that it is there.

This is exactly the opposite affect we want with artwork.

When you choose art for your walls you want to have something that continues to influence and inspire you every time you see it. That means it evokes a feeling in you that you want to be reminded of, or it pleases your eye through combinations of color and shape.

One of my collectors commented to me that she could look at my work on her wall day after day and see different elements over time. My work has many layers of glaze and color in both my subjects and my backgrounds. When I am creating something complex like fur, cloth, or autumn leaves there are even more layers that can be seen when someone spends more time looking. I work to keep the clarity of color in my paint and use layers of glaze for the luminous quality it creates. I think these elements are why my work has the vitality and longevity to stay alive on collectors’ walls. They are enjoying the visual stimulation of the color and texture of real paint in an original work of art.

There is also a feeling of connection in my work. I deliberately choose subjects and poses that have a sense of coming forward to meet the viewer. People are drawn to this and often they comment on the eyes. As human animals we look to eyes to make a connection with other beings and get information. This is something we seek and need in our life.

I use bright color for vitality and most often try to create a feeling of joy. This is what I can contribute to people
to have in their life. My artwork can give them joy daily. I know some are inspired by HOW I paint because it is very unique to paint with a hard hat, but I also think my work inspires, even if someone doesn’t know the story behind how I paint.

When you are choosing the feeling you want to have in your home, consider the impact that choosing original art could bring. Look at original art alongside prints and photographs before you choose those other mediums. You should ensure that you choose something for your wall that will be alive and inspire you in your life.

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